Monday, 23 May 2011

Faking it ?????

Someone asked me why I used pseudonyms for the people I mention in my blog, and I have to say I couldn't really think of a great answer.
My original thoughts were that it might protect people, but from whom or what? Now I am not so sure. My husband, children, family and friends have been mentioned, all under pseudonyms but would they prefer to be called by their born names I have to ask. Its almost like I am writing about fake people if I don't use their names, but is that what I want to do? I am proud of my life and the people in it and would never write anything derogatory anyway, and if anyone I know reads my blog, they will know who I am talking about anyway. Maybe they would like the world to see how important they are to me, which is why they have been mentioned anyway?

So -- what is the answer? Do I continue to write with the pretence of made-up people, or change the way I do it and hold my nearest and dearest up in all their glories for all to see?
I think I know but what says you?


  1. Your not faking it sweetness. I think it is cute how you have given them "Blog" names. Keep doing what you're doing, it works. :o)
    BTW, I am loving your blog.

  2. Hi Sis
    I love your blog and I am happy to be exposed. I am proud to be your sister. Love you xxx

  3. My children are 20 and 17. I still don't use their real names on my blog.

  4. I use nicknames on my blog, it is just for privacy purposes since it is open for everyone to see. I try not to post pictures too of other people unless I have permission.

    I just found your blog and im your latest follower.