Me and my beautiful children 2008

Spa Chick (My wonderful sister) and I

Gemma (Tiddles) being Sharons bridesmaid 2010

 Jamie (The Dodga) at Sharons wedding 2010 -- anyone looking for a new James Bond?

 Our House in the snow

 Gemma and Craig (Sharons husband) - very cool Uncle and brother-in-law.

 Me and my best friend in the world, Ali (Lady List) --- her wedding 2009

 Ali and Rich (Music man) dancing like true professionals at their wedding.

 Rogan, my super-cool brother.

 Bubble time 2005  --- where has the time gone?

Me and my amazing Dad  - I miss you so much xxxx 

My sister Cindy, Michael, my bro-in law, and my gorgeous neices and nephew, Paige, Bianca and Tyron 

Jamie and cousin Daniel  --- 2 warriors together. 

 Now thats a very long time ago  - Proud brother (J) with his new baby sister (G) --- 2000

 Playtime 2000

 Steve (Maintenance Man) sitting by the Brent Braai / Fire (BBF)

Ali and I 

At Sharons wedding 2010 

My handsome nephew James and The Dodga 2010 

2005 South Africa with my Dad and Mum - what amazing grandparents they are. 

 2005 --  how cute

1st day at new schools -- 2005

My fantastic parents xxxxx

Maintenance Man and I on our holiday in South Africa August 2010

 My beautiful sisters in South Africa - Cindy, Wendy and Jenny xxx

 Wendy, Rogan and I --- a very long time ago............

My sis Wendy, bro-in-law Murray, nephew Tristan and Niece Kayla  ..... beautiful family xx

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