Saturday, 27 August 2011

Stop Rhino Poaching

I cant believe the wickedness of some people in this world.
This epidemic of poaching of these awesome animals has to be stopped.
We stopped the ivory trade, now lets stop this barbaric trade.
These poor animals are being butchered while alive and left to bleed to death for the sale of their horns.
Please visit this site and take a look for yourselves, pleadge your support and if possible raise money or donate to this invaluable fund.

We all have a duty to protect our planet and the animals that live in our world, without our help future generations will be living in a barren earth with no chance of ever appreciating the wonders around all of us.
DO NOT TURN AWAY AND CLOSE YOUR EYES FROM THIS TERRIBLE TRADE - We all have a duty to join forces internationally and stop this NOW.
Please lets join together in whatever way we can, no matter how small, and do something.

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