Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Here goes nothing....

Well here we are at last. I have decided that I need to offload, dump and generally share the mixed up stuff in my world and blogging seems to be the way forward. I haven't done this before so if it seems a little odd to begin, please cut me some slack and I am sure I will get the hang of it soon enough -- fingers crossed.
I began by thinking I would have to have some incredibly interesting and unique subject to write about until I was reminded that actually what I do every day is exactly that..... unique. Bringing up a family whilst also working from home with my husband, running our own business, is the most varied and individual job on the planet.
Take today for instance. Today is auditions day for the Spring Concert at my daughters school, and for an almost 11 year old this is serious stuff. Last night her partner in song came to tea so they could practice the chosen number together in preparation. Tears of panic and "I'm not good enough" were shed amongst the really very good singing. This morning we continued the preparation while trying to dress, brush teeth, eat breakfast etc etc etc. I was under full instruction "not to listen" even though she was in full voice. Finally we manage to get into the car, now a full 10 minutes later than we should be, drive 1 minute down the road and ............ PANIC. The CD with the backing track is still at home. Trying to keep my yelling to a dull roar, we spin round in the next available turn point, grab the CD and race back to school (keeping to the speed limit of course). The last thing I heard as I watched her take off down the school playground was "wish me luck mum", leaving me frazzled in the car park.
I am keeping everything possible crossed for a successful audition.... watch this space.
This mornings events were of course only half the story, as I also have a 15 year old son who loves long showers, and I am not joking when I say long. Every morning its the same, bang on the door after 5 mins, again after 10 mins, by 15 mins I am beating it frantically. I am pleased he has such wonderful personal hygiene but c'mon, this is ridiculous. We have tried the threats and the appealing to his sense of logic, talking about the cost of heating the water, but to no avail. What he is doing in there remains a mystery as I am sure he is not washing for that long. Anyway, this morning was no different except for the auditions!!! So while I am trying "not to listen" to the singing practice, I am shouting through a locked door to a boy who is cutting it really fine for catching the school bus. Grumpy faces follow and much muttering under breath, last minute bag checks, lunch boxes, PE kits, (more singing) and jackets and he runs out the door muttering something about potentially missing the bus being my fault - hmmm really?
Of course then I have to shower, dress, clean up kitchen after breakfast has been demolished, fight my way through the fog and clean up the bathroom, which now looks like a sauna after the 15 minute+ shower (he says he doesn't have time to do it this morning - or many other mornings !!), and try to make a bit of a silk purse out of sows ear somehow (thank god for years of experience in how to apply a full face of make up in less than 2 minutes).
Welcome to school mornings in our house. Would I change it? Probably, but hubster keeps saying "one day we will laugh about these things". So when I am definitely not laughing, I will try to remember that when they are grown and gone, I will miss all of these things.....

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